Want to start your own BrowSoap label but don't want the hassle of transferring into your own tins? Let us take the hassle out of it for you. You can purchase these tins of BrowSoap already made up in 30g aluminium tins and all you need to do is pop your logo label on top and voila...you have your own branded BrowSoap!  The more you buy, the cheaper your BrowSoap becomes making it extremely profitable for you.  Our @bohobrows BrowSoap (Australia's No.1 brand) retails for $34 so you can see the huge profit potential below: 20 tins works out at $7 AUD (approx $4.91 USD) per tin40 tins works out at $6.50 AUD (approx $4.56 USD) per tin100 tins works out at $6 AUD (approx $4.21 USD) per tin200 tins works out at $5 AUD (approx $3.50 USD) per tin This is an incredible opportunity to start and build your own BrowSoap label. Minimum order is 20 tins of BrowSoap.Tin diameter 55mm x Height 20mm.**Tins come in plain aluminium. Pic above with pink label is from our personal BrowSoap brand** We highly recommend printing an ingredients label too for the bottom of your tin approx 3cms in diameter.

100 x 30g BrowSoap in silver aluminium tin

  • **As this product is handmade, each batch may sometimes show slight variation in colour etc. This is perfectly normal and has no interference on the amazing quality of the product**