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Comes with instructions on how to melt and transfer this BrowSoap into your selected packaging/tins etc. 


Can be used wet or dry, slightly dampen your spooly - rub across the product and apply through your brows. INSTANTLY thickens the brows with ultimate hold. Dries clear. 


If you are choosing 30g tins, you get approx 33 tins out of this 1kg block. 

1kg Clear BrowSoap

  • Returns are accepted as long as not been removed from the external packaging and all clear film around the BrowSoap is intact. 

  • If you are purchasing this product outwith Australia, you may be liable for custom charges. Please note, this is 100% your responsibility. If any parcel is returned back to us due to non payment of custom charges - you are not entitled to your postage payment back.